National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Army Wing


            National Cadet Corps NCC is a Voluntary tri service youth organization raised on 15th July 1948 which aims at instilling characteristics of leadership, valour comradeship, discipline and social service. NCC is a way of life following motto of ‘unity +Discipline’. NCC Army wing was inaugurated in our institute in the year 1971 when Mr. V.P Bansal was the head of the institute. NCC laid greater stress on developing quality of leadership and importance was given to other areas like social services and youth management. In our institute NCC works relentlessly toward upholding unity and integrity of our nation by molding the upcoming generation into selfless citizens serving motherland with utmost honest, irrespective of the field they aspire to choose.

            NCC through its army sub wing provides basic military training and defense knowledge at institutional level as well as Annual Training Camp(ATC), Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat(EBSB), National Integration Camps(NIC), Basic leadership camp (BLC), Advanced leadership camp(ALC), are organized at regular intervals to develop ideal physical strength and give an essence of Armed forces. NCC in our institute ensures its cadets holistic development by not only focusing on the Physical aspect of health but also by encouraging the strengthening of mental and social health by conducting eclectic activities such as poster making competition, debate competition, essay, poetry and slogan writing competitions accompanied by awareness rallies and interactive webinars with eminent personalities from revered fields.

            The previous Associate NCC officer who contributed in the upliftment of NCC in college were Capt.Mahavir Parsad (1971-78), major T.C. G OYAL (1979-1994) and Major Suresh Dhayal (1994-2020).

            Currently our institute has one Company (160 Cadets) and one platoon(53 Cadets) which is commanded by Associate NCC Officer Captain Ashok Kumar. He attended Pre Commission course -PRCN-SD-152 at NCC Officers’s training Academy (OTA) at Kamptee, Nagpur (Maharashtra from 10th June 2013 to 7th September 2013. He was awarded pre Commission certificate with Alpha ‘A’ grade


College has Three N.S.S Units

NSS Programme Officers:

1. Dr. Madan Singh, Unit I

2. Smt. Sudesh, Unit II

3. Sh. Manoj, Unit III

Annual report of NSS activities for session 2021-22.

Sr. No.

Name of Acitivity

Date of Activity




Orientation Program attended by NSS Program Officers at CBLU Bhiwani


CBLU Bhiwani



Selection trial for Pre RD camp


M.N.S. Govt. College

From 21 volunteers 6 were selected for CBLU trial.


Visit at CBLU for trial of pre RD camp



Out of 06 volunteers 04 are selected for KU trial .


Visit at KU for selection trial of state level pre RD camp

08-10 2021


Out of 04 volunteers 01 is selected


03 volunteers have attended state level NSS Camp held at CRSU Jind

19-10-2021 to 25-10-2021




7 days State NSS camp attended by NSS Program Officers with NSS volunteers

16.11.2021 to 22.11.2021

CBLU new Campus, Prem Nagar



01 volunteer attended state level NSS camp held at GJU Hisar

17-23-2021 to 23-11-2021

GJU Hisar



03 volunteers attended the NIC held at MDU Rohtak

19-11-2021 to 25-11-2021

MDU Rohtak



Poster making and slogan writing competition on the theme of AIDS Awareness campaign was organized in collaboration with Red- Ribbon Club of college


M.N.S. Government College, Bhiwani



01 volunteer attended the NIC at HAU Hisar

16-12-2021 to 22-12-2021

HAU Hisar



01 volunteer attended the pre RD camp at Jaipur

18-10-2021 TO 27-10-2021




150 volunteers have attended the college seven day camp held at Ninan village

10-02-2022 to 16-02-2022

Ninan village



30 volunteers attended the university level camp held at CBLU Bhiwani

25-02-2022 to 03-02-2022

CBLU Bhiwani



Visit at Panipat (Haryana) with 25 NSS volunteers on ewe of 400th birth anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.





One day camp organized by all 3 NSS units at college  campus


M.N.S. Govt. college ,Bhiwani

Parking area was cleaned by the volunteers


01 volunteer attended the NIC at Bagpat, UP.

21.05.2022 to 27.05.2022

Bagpat, UP



01 volunteer attended the NIC at NSIT, New Delhi

23.05.2022 to 30.05.2022

NSIT, New Delhi



Pledge taken by NSS Volunteers at College campus on the occasion of Anti Terrorism Day.










MNS Govt. College Bhiwani



Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition was organized by NSS units  in order to celebrate the 75 glorious years of Azadi ka Amrit Mohtsav


MNS Govt. College Bhiwani

Theme of the Programme was “Make in India”


Essay Writing Competition was organized by NSS units  in order to celebrate the 75 glorious years of Azadi ka Amrit Mohtsav


MNS Govt. College Bhiwani

Theme of the Programme was Women role in independence of INDIA, Make in India, Freedom struggle of freedom fighters